• Jeanette Stokes, Executive Director
  • Jennifer McGovern, Administrative Director
  • Meghan Florian, Communications Director
  • Rebecca Welper, Programs and Publications
  • Anita McLeod, Director, Elder Women Project
  • Amy Dosser, Meinrad Craighead Documentary Project

JEANETTE STOKES, Executive Director

Jeanette Stokes founded the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South in 1977 and serves as its Executive Director. A graduate of Smith College and Duke Divinity School, she is an ordained Presbyterian minister living Durham, NC. Jeanette has led workshops on women, spirituality, creativity and social justice. In 1997 she constructed a 40'x40' canvas labyrinth to use in workshops and retreats. Jeanette is the author of two collections of essays, 25 Years in the Garden and 35 Years on the Path, and three memoirs, Hurricane Season: Living Through a Broken Heart, Flying Over Home, and Following a Female Line. She likes to write, paint, dance, and garden. (Click HERE for a longer bio of Jeanette Stokes.)

JENNIFER MCGOVERN, Administrative Director

Jennifer McGovern joined the staff of the Resource Center in August 2004 part-time to help with administrative tasks. She brings many years' experience with non-profits, member-funded organizations and progressive local politics. Supportive of the work of RCWMS since it began, she is interested in furthering social justice especially through her work as a teacher and tutor. Jennifer is a graduate of Duke University and North Carolina Central University and lives in Durham.

MegHan Florian, COMMUNICATIONS Director

Meghan Florian received her MTS from Duke Divinity School and MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte. She is a writing tutor in the Center for Theological Writing at Duke Divinity School and blogs at

Rebecca Welper, programs and Publications

Rebecca Welper, MFA, is a playwright, poet, editor, and expressive writing instructor based in Durham, NC. She has studied at Oberlin College, American University, and Catholic University, and most recently has completed Duke Integrative Medicine's "Leading Patients in Writing for Health" program. Her eclectic faith blends Goddess traditions, mindfulness practices, queer spirituality, and an ever-expanding search for meaning, connection, and justice. 

Anita McLeod, Director, Elder Women Project

Anita McLeod, RN, BSN, is a retired nurse and health educator who lives in Durham, NC. She has led workshops for the past twenty years on topics such as women's spirituality, holistic menopause, managing change, and conscious aging. A former RCWMS Board chair, Anita leads RCWMS's work on elder women.

Amy Dosser, Meinrad Craighead Documentary Project

Amy Dosser is the Executive Producer of the documentary Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images. She completed a Certificate in Documentary Studies at Duke University based on her work with the artist and is a former member on the Board of RCWMS.


photo credit: Amy Dosser