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Elder Women - Resources


Being Mortal, Atul Gawande
A masterful exploration of aging, death, and the medical profession's mishandling of both.  Guidance for end of life issues and choices.

Composing a Further Life, Mary Catherine Bateson
Stories of remarkable people living their second adulthood as an "improvisational art form."

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging, Ron Pevny
An inspiring new model for entering and living the elder years, which encourages elders to shine their inner light brightly into th years ahead.

Doing Sixty & Seventy, Gloria Steinem
A personal commentary on her experience and thinking about the liberation that comes with aging.

From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
A wise and inspiring guidebook to the aging process with focus on spiritual eldering. Very highly recommended.

The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully, Joan Chittister
Speaks of the blessings and burdens of growing older. Highlights the spiritual treasures that may be discovered as we embrace our elder years.

Goddesses in Older Women, Jean Shinoda Bolen
A landmark book that will inspire the older and wiser women's movement women to once again transform society.

Grandmothers Counsel the World, Carol Schaefer
Indigenous wise women elders and healers from around the world offer their vision for our planet for the seventh generation and beyond. Truly inspirational.

The Grace in Dying, by Kathleen Dowling Singh
As this author awakens us to the spiritual aspects of dying, she offers us deep reassurance and adds meaning to our final chapter of life. Her work as a transpersonal psychologist with a large hospice in Florida has informed her writing of this profound book, so full of wisdom and compassion.

Recovering a Sense of the Sacred: Conversations with Thomas Berry, Carolyn Toben
This is a love story of learning to see with the heart. Thomas and Carolyn speak of the mystical attraction between the natural world and our souls and the vital importance of the divine- human- earth relationship.

Retiring but Not Shy: Feminist Psychologists Create their Post-Careers, edited by Ellen Cole and Mary Gergen
Stories by women of the "silent generation,or the pre-baby boomer women"  the first generation of professional feminist women.

Ripening Time, Sherry Ruth Anderson
Stories about aging with grace and wisdom reveal this time of life as an opportunity to begin a journey of profound transformation into elderhood. With humor, maturity, and depth, the author invites us to explore the gifts, blessings, and challenges of old age.

Sacred Circles, Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig
An inspirational guide to creating your own women's spirituality group.

The Sage's Tao Te Ching, William Martin
Ancient advice for the second half of life.

Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, edited by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
An epic collection of essays by elder visionaries such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy and Wendell Berry about a spiritual response to the ecological crisis of our earth home.

The Third Chapter, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Stories of individuals making their way thru the years after 50 with passion, risk and adventure at the center. A compelling vision of the possibilities for our elder years.

The Three Secrets of Aging, John C. Robinson
The extended years we have been given offer us an initiation into an entirely new stage of life, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of a new and sacred world. Through the telling of his personal story, Robinson approaches aging as a call to awakening.

Urgent Message from Mother, Jean Shinoda Bolen
The author invites us all to join the next, most powerful wave of the women's movement and speaks clearly about what is at risk. An exceptional book of feminine spiritual wisdom and activism.


The Center for Conscious Eldering

Circle Connections: Circles Connecting for Peace & Justice

Commonweal End of Life Conversations Series tns.commonweal.org/event-series/end-of-life-conversations/
Podcasts by Rachel Naomi Remen, Ram Dass, Angeles Arrien, Scott Eberle, Francic Weller, and others.

Consider the Conversation  

The Elderwoman Website

Fierce With Age

Gather the Women

Gray is Green

Gray Panthers
Google Gray Panthers in various cities.

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

The Legacy of Wisdom Project


Sage-ing International: Finding Meaning in Second Half of Life

Spiritual Ecology

Spirituality and Practice

70 Candles: Stories from Women in the 70s

WisdomBridge: Reclaiming Our Indigenous Soul


For the Next Seven Generations captures the inspirational story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from all around the world who came together to help us create a new way of life that will bring the planet back into balance before it is too late.

Griefwalker a profound film about death and dying that is full of wisdom about living our lives with passion and meaning. Learn more about the film here.

Praying with Images is a film about artist, mystic and teacher, Meinrad Craighead. Weaving together elements of Catholicism, Native American shamanism, and ancient mythology, her paintings erupt in expansive images of God as Mother. Order it from RCWMS here.

Taking Root tells the dramatic story of Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai whose simple act of planting trees grew into a nationwide movement to safeguard the environment, protect human rights, and defend democracy—a movement for which this charismatic woman became an iconic inspiration.

Grandmother's Project