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Elder Women - Current Programs

Elder Women sponsors a variety of programs, workshops and retreats. Click HERE to read about the LEADERS of our Elder Women Programs. Check the RCWMS Calendar for more programs details.

General descriptions of Elder Women programs:

The Art of Conscious Aging: An Ongoing Group
Second Tuesday of the month, 11:30 am-2:00 pm
Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, 927 West Trinity Ave., Durham, NC
Participants will create a sacred container for reflection in community on the art of conscious aging. Each gathering will focus on a single topic. Participants will have an opportunity to provide program leadership. Any woman who experiences herself at any stage of her elder years is invited to join us in a deep sharing of her own experiences.

Befriending Death
This series invites participants to contemplate death, consider practices that might help them be present to themselves and others in the experience of dying, and reflect on ways to deepen their appreciation of life. 

Conscious Eldering: Going Deeper
A multi-part series focusing on the powerful inner work of creating an elderhood rich in meaning, passion and wisdom. Topics include Life Review and Legacy of Our Stories; Compassion, Forgiveness and Letting Go; Finding Passion and Purpose.   

Creating Your Own Sacred Council Circle
This intergenerational workshop will help you create your own safe, nourishing council of support. It will prepare participants to design a circle group to explore the sacred and honor the divine in everyday life.

End of Life Series
This multi-part series offers resources, information and exploration of issues facing all of us as we prepare for the later stages of life. When we have prepared for the last part of life, we can relax and enjoy the present.

Harvesting Our Stories & Turning Points: Writing Groups
The autumn of our lives is a time for harvesting the wisdom of our lives. It's a time to unearth and gather up our life stories, to share them with others, to reflect on what we have learned by experience, and to discern how we might want to pass on our wisdom. Turning Points was an intergenerational writing group.

Herons Walk on Water's Edge, A Retreat
The restorative effects of spending intentional time outdoors in community are well researched and documented. Herons Walk will offer contemplative, mindful, and ceremonial practices in the natural world. During this intergenerational retreat, we will return to a natural pace, utilizing wisdom rooted in intuition, imagination, and bodily sensations. Through soul circles and eco-contemplative practices, we open to the most relevant reciprocal healing medicine of our time, intimate relationship with the natural world.

Our Nature in Nature
This retreat is an outdoor experience designed to nurture, empower, and transform us by exploring how the natural world mirrors the sacred world to us in the teachings of the four directions.

When the Grandmothers Speak
A day in the natural world provides an opportunity to remember our own childhood experiences in nature and come up with ways to share those experiences with the next generation.

Women Over 60
A day-long workshop focusing on the experience, challenges, and delights of entering our elder years.

Grandmother's Project