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Just Keep Going: Advice on Writing and Life, by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS Press, 2016) $20

In this book you'll find a wise guide, a skilled writer and artist who will help you discover your most creative self. As she charts her path toward writing and creativity, Stokes encourages you to envision the outlines of your own path. She offers tips on how to start where you are, take things one step at a time, figure out what works for you, set and keep a writing schedule, confront blocks, let your creativity flow, and relax and enjoy the process. Most of all, she conveys the joy in opening to the raw material of your own truest and deepest inclinations. —LIZ DOWLING-SENDOR, writer

Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Director of the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South and the author of five other books.

JUST KEEP GOING: Advice on Writing and Life, by Jeanette Stokes
(RCWMS, 2016) ISBN 978-0-9960826-5-5, $20

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God Speaks, Women RespondFollowing a Female Line, by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2015) $20

Jeanette Stokes began to suspect that values she found wedged in her psyche were an unwitting inheritance from the women in her female line. How in the world did her Scots-Irish ancestors manage to leave her with their stubborn faith, their tenacious hold on land, and their deep attachment to family? Join her as she searches through archives, history, and family lore to find out.

Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Executive Director of RCWMS.

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Enough Room What Matters Most: Everyday Leadership at Home, at Work, and in the World,by Maura Wolf (RCWMS Press, 2014) $20

What matters most today? In the midst of striving for success and reaching for fulfillment, how do we deal with the issues that emerge in our day-to-day experiences?

In What Matters Most, Maura Wolf uses forty-two vignettes from her own life to find meaning in the ordinary. She presents specific practices and asks intriguing questions, inspiring readers to consider the choices they make every day.

Maura Wolf is a leadership coach, teacher, and consultant. She teaches in the Leadership Studies Program at Saint Mary's College of California.

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God Speaks, Women RespondFlying Over Home, by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2013) $20

"Flying Over Home is a searing account of a girl's loss of her father and an adult woman's quest to find him again," says Elaine Neil Orr.

Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Executive Director of RCWMS.

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Enough RoomGood Busy: Productivity, Procrastination, and the Endless Pursuit of Balance,by Julia Scatliff O’Grady (RCWMS Press, 2012) $20

We say we want to better manage our time—but what do we really mean? Do we mean we seek to tame the daily chaos? Are we afraid of how time seems to fly?

Author Julia Scatliff O’Grady set out on a journey to discover how we might experience the gift of time on our own terms. She met with many—settling on 10 singular people with a variety of professions and life circumstances and from varying corners of the U.S. She listened and she questioned and she listened some more. What she heard was not just a clock ticking, but something perhaps even promising, something as prescriptive as it is philosophical.

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God Speaks, Women Respond35 Years on the Path: Essays, by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS Press, November 2012) $20

35 Years is a collection of essays by Jeanette Stokes that appeared in South of the Garden, the newsletter of the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South. Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Executive Director of RCWMS.

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25 Years in the Garden25 Years in the Garden, by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS, 2002) $15

25 Years is a collection of essays by Jeanette Stokes that appeared in South of the Garden, the newsletter of the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South. Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Executive Director of RCWMS.

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Hurricane SeasonHurricane Season: Living Through a Broken Heart, by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2008) $18.95

Life is designed to break your heart. It just is. What you do with your broken heart is up to you. At least that’s what Jeanette Stokes came to believe after the breakup of her marriage.

“Like Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, Hurricane Season is a dark journey to the edge of despair. However, in Stokes’ case, her husband does not die suddenly. Instead, he moves across the country and keeps calling and e-mailing his simultaneous rejection and affection. In crisp prose, Stokes chronicles the roller-coaster year of separation with bald honesty, fully owning the downfall of her marriage and its roots in her family of origin.” —Georgann Eubanks, author of Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains

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Enough RoomCouragerous Conversations: Christian Women Unearthing the Unspeakable, ed. by elizabeth mcmanus (RCWMS Press, 2013) $5

RCWMS intern lizzie mcmanus led a group of young women in Courageous Conversations in the summer of 2013. The group met for several weeks, writing and talking about taboo topics in Christianity. Some of the women wrote essays or poems, and lizzie edited the pieces into this wonderful booklet.

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Enough RoomSea Level, a Novel by Nancy Kilgore (RCWMS Press, 2011) $18.95

Sea Level is the story of two women and a small town on the coast of Virginia in 1980. Brigid, the new minister, has a vision for her congregation, but she rubs some of her parishioners the wrong way. Mary, an artist, is searching for the feminine divine, but falls hopelessly in love with a local drifter. Brigid's critics gather steam, and soon the whole town is in turmoil. Both Brigid and Mary have to dive deep into their own spiritual lives to find a way through.

"More than a novel about a woman in ministry; more than a tale about a small town church; Sea Level is a story about life and the real ways we learn to live in community. A touching narrative about things that matter." —Lynne Hinton, author of Friendship Cake

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God Speaks, Women RespondGod Speaks, Women Respond: UCC Women in Ministry Tell Their Stories, ed. by Nancy Peeler Keppel and Jeanette Stokes (United Church Press, 2004) $15.00

God Speaks, Women Respond is a collection of essays by women in ministry in the United Church of Christ. The richness and diversity of voices offer a rare and useful glimpse into the complexities of composing meaningful lives of service in the face of sometimes overwhelming obstacles. Anyone seeking inspiration for the life of faith can draw strength from the journeys of these women.

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Enough RoomEnough Room, by Sue Versényi (RCWMS, 2007) $15.00

In this bittersweet collection of poetry by the late Sue Versényi, the author ruminates on the body, nature, family, love, and living with cancer. Many of the poems were written in 2005 at the beach during RCWMS writing weeks. Spare and deep, these poems will take up residence in your heart.

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God Speaks, Women RespondTransitions & Reflections, by Ellen Holmes Baer and Philip G. Baer (Words & Spirit, 2012) $19

This new collection of essays by Ellen and Phil Baer joins their voices and perspectives on an extraordinary variety of topics that engage both mind and memory. Celebrating nearly 50 years of marriage (hard to believe but true), they reflect on their journeys and interests, some individual and many shared. Distinguished by the design and cover art of their friend and collaborator, Durham (NC) artist Joyce Hopkins, these are essays that will make readers think--and smile.

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Lessons from Apple TreesThe Time of Our Lives: Essays on Kinship and Friendship, Living and Learning, Age and Change, by Ellen Holmes Baer and Philip G. Baer (2010), $19

The Time of Our Lives considers topics from the past and the present, with a nod to the future. And how does a married couple write a book together? They write separately and put all the pieces together, inviting the reader to enjoy a patchwork quilt of reflections and recollections. Designed by a close friend, Durham (NC) artist Joyce Hopkins, it's a book to be read and shared with others, whatever one's stage or place or time of life.

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Traveling Far and Near and Other EssaysTraveling Far and Near and Other Essays, by Ellen H. Baer (2006) $15

Traveling Far and Near and Other Essays is the second collection of reflections and remembrances by Ellen Holmes Baer, a Mississippi native who now calls North Carolina home. A collaboration with Durham artist Joyce Hopkins, the book features a unique book design and cover art inspired by the Eno River. Described in a local paper as “engaging” and “thought-provoking,” the essays recall journeys to a few foreign lands but mostly use familiar places and everyday experiences as opportunities for learning and transformation.

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Lessons from Apple TreesLessons from Apple Trees, Rainy Days, and Johnny Woodchuck, by Ellen H. Baer (2004), $15

Lessons from Apple Trees, Rainy Days, and Johnny Woodchuck is a collection of art and essays by writer Ellen Holmes Baer and artist Joyce Hopkins, two friends whose original intent was to provide Christmas gifts for friends and family. Now in its third printing, the book remains a favorite for gift giving. Described in a local paper as “delightful” and “enlightening,” the essays are inspired by experiences as long ago as Baer’s Mississippi childhood and as recent as the election of 2004.

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My Odyssey with Two Uncommon BoysMy Odyssey With Two Uncommon Boys: A Trip to The Western States, by Ethel Erickson Radmer (2009) $12

From early roots of possible autism-spectrum behavior, two boys have emerged to a glorious embracing of the world around them. At age 19, they invite the author (& grandmother to one) on a wonder-filled ten-day road trip. Across sixteen states and two Canadian Provinces, they explore history, U.S. Presidents, state capitals & social justice. And they discover a treasure-trove about themselves.

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Ethel Erickson Radmer is also the author of The Cheshire Cat Syndrome: My Adventures with Arthritis. She was born in Wisconsin and has lived in New York, San Francisco and presently North Carolina.

Conversations with CarlConversations with Carl: My Journey through Grief, by Ethel Erickson Radmer (2006) $12

Writer’s Digest wrote, “This is a book that really touched me, that I had to read all in one setting. I had tears in my eyes as I read about the pain and heartbreak that the narrator went through at the loss of her husband. Not everyone has had a spouse die, but most people have felt the pain that comes with the end of a relationship, pain that feels so close to death. I liked that, rather than a story in which praise is lavished on the deceased and the sadness is dwelled on, the emotional content of this text was so much deeper and searching. The philosophies and actions that are conveyed made me want to meet, or at least become like, the author someday. Amazing!”

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