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Hurricane SeasonConversations with Carl: My Journey through Grief

by Ethel Erickson Radmer (2006) $12

Writer’s Digest wrote, “This is a book that really touched me, that I had to read all in one setting. I had tears in my eyes as I read about the pain and heartbreak that the narrator went through at the loss of her husband. Not everyone has had a spouse die, but most people have felt the pain that comes with the end of a relationship, pain that feels so close to death. I liked that, rather than a story in which praise is lavished on the deceased and the sadness is dwelled on, the emotional content of this text was so much deeper and searching. The philosophies and actions that are conveyed made me want to meet, or at least become like, the author someday. Amazing!”

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Ethel Erickson Radmer is also author of The Cheshire Cat Syndrome: My Adventures with Arthritis. She was born in Wisconsin and has lived in New York, San Francisco and presently North Carolina.

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