Fabric Postcard Workshop with Kimberley Cartwright (via Zoom)

Just in time for the holidays! Create a gift for yourself or for others! Fiber artist, quilter, folk art painter and instructor Kimberley Pierce Cartwright is back with another workshop on creating unique quilted fabric post cards.  In this workshop Kimberley will teach you how to make a one of a kind art piece perfect […]

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Honoring Your Health in a Busy Season with Solita Denard (via Zoom)

Does the upcoming season seem overwhelming? Some of us anticipate being too busy with a growing list of demands and don't want to lose track of ourselves. As we attempt to care for ourselves and our health, we may face more challenges than usual with mindfulness, food, quiet time, or physical activity. Join Integrative Health […]

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Ministry of Black Women’s Self Care, December – with Kim Gaubault (via Zoom)

Kim Gaubault recognizes that self-care is often the component that remains a form of intervention (after the break or the medical emergency) rather than a preventative measure. When we allow our bodies, minds and/or spirits to break down in the course of doing this work, we are not only putting ourselves at risk but we […]

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More Prompt by Prompt: Writing and More Writing with Carol Henderson – 8 sessions (via Zoom)

In this generative writing workshop, taking place over eight weeks--prompts from the fall 2021 workshop will not be repeated--we will write in response to carefully selected prompts–two, maybe three, each week. As with all the prompts Carol offers, you can run with them literally or go wherever your thoughts and feelings take you. We will […]

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Saving the Wild South — A Reading with Georgann Eubanks

A big hurdle to instilling a greater appreciation of the environmental crises facing the world—climate change  first among them—is getting our hands on engaging stories about how we know what we know about  science. Georgann Eubanks, with the help of magnificent photographs by Donna Campbell, has solved that  problem for twelve fascinating native plants under […]

Art, Sea, & Sue: A Weekend of Art with Sue Sneddon

A lovely cottage in Emerald Isle, NC

Maybe you haven’t done any art since grade school. Maybe you’re accomplished in one medium, but would like to learn another. Maybe you’ve started a painting but don’t know how to finish it. Maybe you’ve said to yourself-why is this brush shaped like this? Maybe you just want to hang out with other people doing art. Sue can demonstrate […]

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